Welcome to Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre

The Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre is a place where you can lose yourself in history, play with treasures from the past and embark on an historical journey. You'll be entertained by the interactive displays and live a different story around every corner with buttons to push, levers to pull, tunnels to crawl through and animals to search for.
We like to think that our centre is a collection of experiences that allow you to enjoy and appreciate the history of Beaconsfield and
the Tamar Valley. We invite you, your family and friends ... to "come & play"!

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The Centre collection

Thanks to many generous donations from the local community, Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre currently houses over 10,000 objects in its heritage collection. The collection includes archaeological artefacts from the historic Hart Shaft, documents and items relating to mining in Beaconsfield since the late 19th century, a vast collection of photographs specific to the diverse history of the West Tamar region, social history objects and ephemera and so much more. Great care is taken in conserving this important collection for the enjoyment of future generations. For information on any aspect of the collection please contact the Collections Curator.

Centre history

In 1972 members of the local community formed the West Tamar Historical Committee, the aim of which was to preserve the rich history of Beaconsfield and the West Tamar region. In 1982 the Grubb Shaft engine house ruins in Beaconsfield were donated the West Tamar Historical Committee by the neighbouring Beaconsfield Gold Mine. Subsequently, the Committee began the process of developing the ruins in to a tourist attraction to showcase and reflect the cultural and industrial heritage of the region. 

Mine rescue

After the extraordinary events of April 2006 Beaconsfield has literally taken its place on the map.
As a result of the increased attention on Beaconsfield, the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre has undergone a transformation, including the Mine Rescue Display which tells the story of the rescue of Todd Russell and Brant Webb.

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